Why a Zimbabwean sports club needs ecommerce

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Why a Zimbabwean sports club needs ecommerce

A sporting club or sports club is an organization formed for playing sports such as soccer, rugby and swimming. Electronic commerce or ecommerce involves the carrying out of business via an electronic network such as the Internet. Therefore, a sporting club has to adopt electronic commerce for the following reasons:

Global reach

It is obvious that a sporting club such as Highlanders FC, Dynamos FC or Caps United will have some of its fans living outside its home city or town. These fans would want to buy the club’s merchandise such as tickets and sportswear from wherever they are. An ecommerce website will allow your sporting club to sell its products to anyone regardless of their location. Fans located anywhere in the world will also be able to make donations to their favourite club through an ecommerce website.

24/7 access

Most offices or stores have a stipulated working time period mostly between 8am and 5pm. This is a disadvantage to some of the fans as they will not be able to make it to the offices within the period of the normal working hours. However, an ecommerce website operates round the clock regardless of that it’s a holiday or a weekend. This ensures that the club receives orders anytime of the day as well as that the fans have access to the clubs’ information or products 24/7.

Cost reduction

They will be no need to set up a physical store in different locations for the purposes of selling the club’s merchandise as an ecommerce website sells to anyone regardless of their location. With an ecommerce website you avoid costs such as shop rent when you want to sell your club’s products to a different or remote location. It is also convenient for your customers as they do not necessarily need to travel to the club’s offices to make a donation or buy a product. Fans will be able make their purchases online and collect the products at the offices or have the products delivered to them.

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